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  • In Google Search Network, the ads appear next to Google search results when people look for your products and services. And, you only pay when people take action on your ads like click your ad or call your business.
  • Google Search Network is part of Google’s PPC advertising program, Google AdWords. The Search Network includes Google’s search engine, Google Shopping, Google Maps, and few Google search partner sites - like AOL
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Where does ads appear on Search Network

When you run a campaign on the Google Search Network, your ad can show in Google search results and other Google Partner sites when someone searches with keyword terms as defined within your ad campaign.

What types of ad run on Search Network?

Text ads are the most common type of ads that runs on the Search Network. These ads appear with an “Ad” label to distinguish them from organic search results. Text ads may show with ad extensions which allow advertisers to include additional details of their business such as phone numbers, business locations and other direct links to specific pages on their website.

Google is constantly updating their ad formats and you can now also run Dynamic Search Ads and Responsive Search Ads which take advantage of Google’s machine learning capabilities.

Benefits of advertising

Google Search Network advertising can help you to:
  • Target users searching your product or service online
  • Run remarketing ads for users who have previously visited your site
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Attract potential customers to your website
  • Gather insights into who responds to your ads and how they interact with your website by monitoring tracking
Google Search campaign type is meant for advertisers who want to target only people who are directly searching for their products without taking up the time and budget of targeting other types of potential customers.
Work with our experienced and Google Certified Adwords professionals who are passionate about achieving profitable results for your ad campaigns.
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